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I am Julie

Welcome to Musical Circles.

We are a Brisbane-based music tuition and development business that promotes the value of music through the offering of a unique combination of four professional music services: Specialised Studio-based Private Music Tuition; Accompanying and Other Services; Early Childhood Music; In-School, Interactive Music Incursion and Mentoring programs.

We are also very pleased to provide quality music experiences for Aged Care and Retirement Communities.




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What we do

Private Music Tuition

  • Piano
  • Trombone
  • Theory, Musicianship, Music Craft

Accompanying and Other Services

  • Piano Accompaniment
  • Exam Preparation and Coaching

Early Childhood Music

  • Programs
  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Shows

In-Schools Programs

  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Instrumental and Vocal consultation lessons
  • Concerts
  • Shows
  • Residencies
  • Consultancies

Aged Care and Retirement Communities

  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Shows

Our approach

The inclusiveness of our approach reflects our desire to promote a connection across all levels of music learning, abilities, and achievement. Our teachers understand this greater perspective of the learning continuum and possess the appropriate skills to adapt learning conditions to a variety of contexts and motivations.

Our professional business is driven by a platform of substantial teaching experience gained over decades, and draws on a tertiary and pre-tertiary teaching skill set that includes formal qualifications in music, education, and educational research, with a special emphasis on adolescent music development.

Why learn music?

It was the ancient Greek Philosopher Plato who – over 2000 years ago – argued music to be the most potent instrument for education, and remained convinced that its patterns held a vital key to learning.

Today, we also know this to be the case. With strong evidence from a vast quantity of educational research now to endorse this, it is clear that cultural exposure and awareness – particularly in the musical domaincan play a critical role in the emotional development and broad shaping of all of us. Music can allow us the ability to maintain our balance and survive, in a very human sense, in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Personal development, creativity, co-ordination, and academic skills are all promoted through music, and we benefit greatly by experiencing music in both individual and social contexts.

Our Schools Programs have been expanded to include Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, and Sunshine Coast.

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Musical Circles draws from a register of team members to deliver selected areas of its Early Childhood Music and In-School Programs that are offered in and around the Brisbane area.


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  • Our Mission Statement

    Musical Circles seeks to nurture a love for music in every child through the provision of quality learning experiences involving fun activities that are delivered in a friendly, supportive environment.

    That’s certainly not to say that if you are a bit older, we won’t guarantee an equally positive experience! It’s one of music’s attributes – that engaging in it can offer so many pleasurable moments and that there is no such thing as a common learning age when it comes to music.

    I encourage you to contact us here at Musical Circles, whether you are simply wishing to learn for leisure or are driven to succeed in music competitively. Whatever your motivation is, we will ensure that you are included in our Musical Circle.

    We would love to hear from you today.

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