Music Activity and Skit Books

‘Come Join Our Musical Journey’ Books 1-5

Music Activity Books

Have fun learning about musical pitch and rhythm using the Sticker Stories book and Colouring and Sticker books.  The Sticker Stories book presents condensed versions of the five-story ‘Come Join Our Musical Journey’ book set.  Read each story, then find each character’s sticker and place it in the appropriate place as each story unfolds.

Another fun activity awaits in the Colouring and Sticker books where colouring of each character and the matching of its musical pitch builds note-reading skills, in both treble and bass clefs.

(Both books are available in English and Simplified Chinese.)

Musical Skit Book

If you are into drama, there is a ‘Five Musical Skits’ book which enables children to bring the five story books to life through acting. (Available in English only.)

‘Come Join Our Musical Journey’ Books 6-7

Music Activity Book

For the older music beginner (ages 8+ yrs) there’s a Colouring and Sticker book to accompany the two children’s novels, ‘The Chromatics Camp at the Musical Mountain’ and ‘The Rhythm Rappers Compete at the Musical Rap Competion’.

For the the Chromatics section of the Colouring book, find the character sticker, colour each character, then see if you can match all 12 Chromatic pitches to their appropriate character. (Available in English only.)

For the the Rhythm Rappers section of the Colouring and Sticker book, again find each character sticker, colour each character, then locate the matching rhythm for each character – firstly in rhythm-time names; secondly in traditional music rhythm notation. (Available in English only.)

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