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Musical Circles can provide your child with their first early-years encounter with music.  Our sessions include movement, games, coordination, instruments, singing, and playing. The use of classical music and live demonstrations of real instruments introduces children to the exciting world of music and allows them to embark on a journey of discovery in the company of their friends and carers.

We offer programs, single workshops, concerts, and special shows. Our weekly music classes progress across four levels (Musical Encounters: 0-18mths; Musical Beginnings: 18mths-2.5 yrs; Musical Adventures: 2.5-3.5 yrs; Musical Pathways: 3.5-4.5 yrs), are 10 weeks in length, and are available at selected Child Care Centres, Community Centres, and Playgroups.

Single workshops are modified versions of classes, and are additionally available for Private Functions and Parties. We are very flexible and can customise the content and delivery of these sessions to match your preferences and needs.

If you would like to book one of our concerts, we offer a wide variety of types of performances and music from which you can select.

Should you be seeking a show for an extra-special occasion, we have a range of options available for your choosing.

Book 1 – The Big Ride At The Musical Fair

Book 2 – Me And My Friends At The Musical Party

Book 3 – The Magical Path In The Musical Forest

Book 4 – The Pentatonics Play At The Musical Park

Book 5 – The Diatonics Drive To the Musical Dance Club

Sample Pages

Book 1 – The Big Ride at The Musical Fair – Sample Page

Book 2 – Me and My Friends at The Musical Party – Sample Page

Book 3 – The Magical Path in The Musical Forest – Sample Page

Book 4 – The Pentatonics Play at The Musical Park – Sample Page

Book 5 – The Diatonics Drive to The Musical Dance Club – Sample Page



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Our Programs

Musical Encounters
(0-18 mths)

It’s a world of excitement, discovery, and imagination for babies and youngsters, as early sensory awareness and the beginnings of basic coordination skills are encouraged through fun and creative activities.

Classes offer experiences that involve listening, music, rhymes, and guitar/keyboard. The introduction of small percussion instruments allows for free exploration of sounds, while parachute, hoop, and ball games stimulate young minds in a friendly social setting that includes the presence of their carers.

Musical Beginnings
(ages 18 mths-2.5 yrs)

Cognitive processing and motor skill development are nurtured in a safe, comfortable environment for little ones and their carers and classes promote auditory and tactile exploration of musical concepts.

These discovery-based sessions provide early encounters with music and include a range of fun activities involving movement, singing, games, music storybooks, flashcards, puppets and musical instruments.

Musical Adventures
(ages 2.5-3.5 yrs)

Social skills and interaction are promoted in classes where toddlers and care providers participate in a range of activities designed to stimulate the young growing mind.

These classes incorporate dancing, creativity, singing, music story books, flashcards, and playing instruments to introduce an aural awareness and understanding of music through pitch, beat, rhythm and coordination.

Musical Pathways
(ages 3.5-4.5 yrs)

The developing mind is opened to a world of exciting sounds and experiences as young children engage and share in a program of practical and cognitive-based learning.

Musical concepts and skills are furthered through regular hands-on activities in a fun, interactive setting with their accompanying adult present, and music symbols are introduced through stimulating activity sheets, music story books, and flashcards. Children are introduced to quality classical music to develop their musical appreciation, gain basic keyboard awareness, and even benefit from live demonstrations of orchestral and band instruments.

Our Story Telling

Daniel Smerdon

Daniel Smerdon
Voice Actor, Story Teller


Shaleena Bain
Voice Actor

Taana Rose

Taana Rose
Sound Engineer, Sound Recordist, Voice Actor

Meet Daniel, Shaleena & Taana

Daniel, Shaleena, and Taana feature on the ‘Come Join Our Musical Learning Journey’ Audio Books:

1. The Big Ride At The Musical Fair (Daniel)
2. Me And My Friends At The Musical Party (Daniel)
3. The Magical Path In The Musical Forest (Daniel and Taana)
4. The Pentatonics Play At The Musical Park (Daniel)
5. The Diatonics Drive To The Musical Dance Club (Daniel and Taana)
6. The Chromatics Camp At The Musical Mountain (Daniel)
7. The Rhythm Rappers Rap At The Musical Rap Competition (Daniel and Shaleena)

Our Workshops

Single workshops are available for Child Care Centres, Playgroups, Private Functions, and Parties. Babies, toddlers, and children of any age enjoy a fun and educational presentation of activities which provides them with an enriching and social experience.

These interactive sessions are able to be fully customised according to your needs and may incorporate any combination of movement, dancing, singing, games, puppets, and musical instruments.

  1. Fostering Creativity through Tone Singing, Improvisation, Percussion
  2. Slap YourSelf Silly
  3. Rhyme Time and Rhythm
  4. Hip Hop Till You Drop!

More workshops to come!

Stay tuned.


Workshops are 30 minutes, with other durations available upon request

(8-10 children; 10-15 children)

Our Shows

We have an impressive range of Shows that are are available for Child Care Centres, Playgroups, Private Functions, and Parties.

Choose from the following selection of Shows:

  1. Nursery Circles
  2. Musical Fantasies and Fairy Tales
  3. International Flavours
  4. Story Time Songs
  5. Instrument Adventureland
  6. Orchestra Animals
  7. Body Percussion Beats
  8. Country Life
  9. Christmas Celebrations
  10. Fancy Feet

All Shows are 45 minutes in duration (30 minute performance, with 15 minutes interaction).

Our Concerts

Concerts are available for Child Care Centres, Playgroups, Private Functions, and Parties. Babies, toddlers, and children of any age enjoy quality solo performances on real instruments which can include strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass), woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon), brass (horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, euphonium), as well as piano, guitar, and simple percussion. Our vocal concerts are self-accompanied or use backing tracks.

These concerts are able to be fully customised to cater for your preference of performing combination and we can also accommodate requests for specific musical repertoire.  Whether singing or playing, we can provide many types of music ranging not only from childhood tunes to popular melodies, but also modern and classical styles.

Choose from the following selection of Concerts:

1. Australia Day
2. Valentine’s Day
3. Easter
4. Mother’s Day
5. Christmas in July
6. Ekka Time
7. Father’s Day
8. Grandparent’s Day
9. Birthdays
10. Graduation
11. End of Year
12. Christmas

All Concerts are 30 minutes in duration and include interaction time.

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To request further information about our programs, workshops, concerts, and shows – and to discuss your specific requirements and needs – please email [email protected] or phone 0401 673 338. We will be happy to forward you a Booking Form with pricing lists.

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