Theory and Aural Publications

Whether you are a music student, or someone seeking to enhance your understanding of the way music works; or – if you are a studio or a classroom teacher needing a refresher course – then “Discovering Music” and “How to Ace Your Aural Tests” is for you.

Discovering Music – This presents in two editions – Teacher’s version and Student Workbook.  Eyes, ears and hands are utilised in this visual – auditory – kinaesthetic approach to learning.  Fundamental music concepts and a coverage of the content of Grades 1 and 2 music theory follows before moving beyond the basics to include more advanced concepts.  Lesson topics comprise music notation and the tonal music system, major keys and major scales, minor keys and minor scales, intervals, triads, rhythm durations and meter, transposition, and music signs, symbols, and terms.  Worksheets, Revision Papers and Summary Tests (with Answers) are included, with further topic content provided across an extensive set of Appendices in the Teacher’s version.

How to Ace Your Aural Tests – Focusing specifically on aural development, this publication is useful for initial to advanced aural skill development and can be used by teachers and students in studio, classroom, pre-tertiary and tertiary contexts.  Topics comprise time, rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, and memory – all of which are required by the AMEB and other music organisations. Offering strategies, tips and hints, “How to Ace Your Aural Tests” is to be used in conjunction with standard graded aural test publications and learning programs that include musical examples.

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