Student Lesson Books and Practice Posters

Student Lesson Books

Practical Lessons
There’s the lessons – and there’s the practice…  Just how do you encourage – and achieve – frequent, quality practice between lessons?  It’s all to do with scaffolding, sequencing, structure, and stickers.
These four lesson and practice books are designed for use across the early stages, and junior, intermediate, and advanced levels of learning. With a teacher’s page for lesson content and feedback, space for the student to record practice, and pages for reward stickers, these books are progress records for everyone – student, parent, and teacher.

Theory Lessons
For theory lessons, there’s “My Theory Notebook” which provides students with blank paper and manuscript staves, as well as several pages of scales, key signatures, and triads.

Practice Posters

Pre-Instrumental and Instrumental Learning
For home use, there’s “My Music Journey Practice Sticker Chart”.  This maps the child’s progress over 38 weeks as parents place weekly stickers on the chart that are the character images from the five “Come Join Our Musical Journey” story books.

Piano Practice
For advanced levels of piano learning “The 12 Stages of Piano Practice” poster is a useful reference that can be used weekly for learning, goal-setting, revising, or polishing repertoire.  Move through the stages, either sequentially or non-sequentially. Check in on notational accuracy, fingering, rhythm, rests, dynamics, articulation, coordination, and more.

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