The Chromatics Camp At The Musical Mountain


There’s a rumour spreading quickly on the farm that triggers immediate emergency escape plans for this unknowing bunch of fruit and vegetables. And there’s a certain upcoming birthday to celebrate, but it’s too dangerous to stay on the farm. Where can they flee to?

Make no mistake; this is a day full of twists and turns. Just how does an ordinary Saturday morning lead to an unexpected adventure of mysterious cave exploring? The fact that a beautiful creature is living all alone in such cold temperatures is intriguing, and so are those motionless objects…. Rapping, knocking, tapping, clapping, stomping – not to mention booming beats, spooky silence, eerie echoes, windy whistling, strange shadows and objects – all give this cave a creepy feel. Luckily, it doesn’t last, and it’s not long before the strains of music and birthday singing drown out those scary sounds.

Join this cute bunch of Pentatonics and Diatonics as they journey from the farm to the mountains and then to the City. What else do they see along the way? These likeable little characters, renamed as the Chromatics, certainly have a lot to learn about themselves – and so do you! There’s fun, excitement, humour, adventure, and so much more, and don’t forget that Big Ride either!

Includes 18 Character and Music Note Name Cards and fold out posters. Ages 8+


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