The Rhythm Rappers Compete At The Musical Rap Competition


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An upcoming Rap Competition in town sparks interest amongst friends, especially when they learn that there’s going to be a special gathering about it at the park. But what exactly is a Rap anyway? Before they know it, they’ve all signed up to be contestants – they have to compose and perform their own work! Not only are they up for a challenge to create the best words and the best moves, there’s also the issue of how to use rhythm. Because there’s rhythm in words and rhythm in music, and raps use rhythm too. So the race is on to do their best – it’s a team effort, isn’t it? And then of course there’s also practice that needs to happen. After all, the saying is that ‘practice makes perfect’!
The big day has arrived. Raps will be judged on technique, style, creativity, and originality. And what about the actual performance? Well, it has to be confident, well-presented, and (you guessed it) memorised. Luckily, they’ve all prepared steadily for this, and so the audience is treated to an evening of stage delights that includes marching, rocking, reeling, dancing, and more.
Follow this lively band of characters as they troop to the City to discover the world of competition and the thrills of performing – you’ll be surprised at what you learn along the way!

Includes 36 Character and Music Rhythm Pattern Cards and fold out posters.
Ages 8+

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